Our Webinars

Lateral thinking for Technicians and Engineers

A 4 hour presentation to recruit commitment to Quality from all levels of Management, Engineers and Technicians p as they will have an meaningful understanding of Doctor William Edwards Deming and his fourteen points for management and more importantly their role in implementing his "System of Profound Knowledge". 
A practical and well presented short presentation, full or actual examples, designed to recruit management support and commitment. 
We also look at Dr. Deming’s theory of management which details the steps that must be taken to transform a company’s quality culture. It is a theory that means it is insufficient to simply solve problems that arise. A culture of continuous improvement must be established and maintained with the overall goal of achieving customer satisfaction. Along with the fourteen basic points of his theory of management, Deming also defines what he calls the deadly sins and diseases that virtually every company in the West is being crippled by. 

Scheduled for March 29th 2021